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What does a personal injury lawyer really do?

November 17th

What does a personal injury lawyer really do?

Everyone says you should hire an attorney when you’ve been hurt in an accident.

But what does a personal injury lawyer really do besides “win you compensation?”

Today we’ll cover what goes on behind the scenes in an injury case, and why hiring a lawyer might be your best bet to recover compensation for your injuries.

What does a personal injury lawyer really do for my case?

Your personal injury attorney’s job is to gather the facts relevant to your case by investigating your injury and accident, and also conducting interviews with the people involved with your case.

Your lawyer’s goal is to become familiar with both factors that both detract from and support your case’s odds of success.

Through discovery, your lawyer obtains relevant information from the other parties involved, such as a driver that caused your crash.

Some of the best personal injury attorneys are both experienced and up-to-date on legal changes and other factors that could impact your case.

What do injury attorneys do when I file a claim?

Once you’ve decided to file an injury claim and seek compensation for your injuries, your attorney will begin working on your case.

This process involves gathering witness testimony, evidence, and other documentation that will help prove your injury claim.

Attorneys go about this process in order to build your case, but also to anticipate the defense’s arguments, and devise ways to counter them.

Your attorney will negotiate a fair payout on your behalf, and if necessary, present your case in court. That includes bringing all of the appropriate petitions, motions and pleadings.

Why should I hire a personal injury lawyer instead of representing myself?

Hiring the right attorney can mean the difference between receiving full compensation or not. Your personal injury attorney will:

  • Offer legal advice about your options, rights and potential liabilities.
  • Research the laws that apply to your case and specific injury.
  • Collect documents, witness statements, and other evidence needed to seek damages.
  • Investigate injuries and case to determine facts, and utilize those facts in your favor.
  • Evaluate damages, helping you calculate a fair, full payout.
  • Ascertain the right court to file your claim and case.
  • Analyze the legal issues of your case, and argue on your behalf by applying the law.
  • Plan the best moves for your case, working directly with you.
  • File the pleadings, motions, and court documents during your case’s litigation.
  • Negotiate with the other party, their lawyer, and any involved insurance companies.
  • Re-negotiate with the insurance company if your claim is denied.
  • Collect payment from the other party.

Whether your case goes to trial or you reach a fair settlement beforehand, having an experienced attorney on your side puts the odds in your favor for a better outcome.

On average, victims who represent their own cases are less likely to receive a fair payout (compared to those who hire a lawyer).

Personal injury lawyers will offer legal counsel, explain your rights, and help you win the biggest payout possible through negotiation or representing you in court.

Where can I find the right injury attorney for my case?

Whether you’ve been in a crash or you’ve slipped and fallen, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Utah Legal Team has years of experience assisting our clients with injury cases by winning fair, full payouts.

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another, we’re here to help. Contact us today and let’s get started.


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