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Case Results: $275,000 Massive Motorcyclist Payout

Careless driver’s mishap nets motorcyclist massive $275,000 payout.

Case Results: $275,000 Massive Motorcyclist Payout

Motorcycle crashes are some of the most devastating, with many occurring simply because car drivers “didn’t see” the motorcyclist.

Our client was struck by a careless driver who ran a red light. He suffered from significant fractures and several other injuries, and was facing months of time off work to recover.

After initially hiring another law firm, our client was disappointed that his motorcycle accident lawyer sought to settle the case for less money than he deserved. Our client called Utah Legal Team, and began gathering evidence to increase the strength of his case.

Our lawyers managed to win our client a huge $275,000 payout for his injuries—far more than his first settlement offer.

If you’re being lowballed by insurance companies, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Hire Utah Legal Team, and we’ll fight for every penny you’re entitled to.


Mike McKell is known as an attorney who brings passion to representing both his clients and constituents. He is the founding partner of McKell Thompson Hunter and a current member of the Utah Senate.

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