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Case Results: $550,000 Car Crash Negotiation

Complicated car crash finds easy solution—$550,000 for our client.

Case Results: $550,000 Car Crash Negotiation

A complicated three-car pileup left our client suffering from both neck and shoulder injuries. Because an injury case needed to go through two separate insurance companies, our client thought it would be tough to get fully compensated and contact an auto accident attorney in Utah.

We successfully negotiated with both drivers’ insurance companies for a settlement totalling $550,000.

What started as a hopeless situation totally turned around for our client after hiring Utah Legal Team. No matter how tough your case seems, contact us for a free case evaluation now—and we’ll take care of it.


Mike McKell is known as an attorney who brings passion to representing both his clients and constituents. He is the founding partner of McKell Thompson Hunter and a current member of the Utah Senate.

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